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CrossFit is a the most effective and fastest growing Strength & Conditioning program which combine weightlifting, sprint training, powerlifting, strongman, kettle bells, plyometrics and gymastics.

The prescription for CrossFit is simple:

1. Constantly Varied: Although we do ALL of our own programming with a structure, you will never do the same workout twice.

2. Functional Movements: All exercises are movements that are natural, multi-joint and performed from core to extremity. If you can’t use it outside the gym, then we won’t teach it.

3. High Intensity: Performing the workouts as fast (and safely) possible. Intentisity is relative but the idea is to finish the workout as fast as you can.

The Business News Network refers to CrossFit as the “fastest growing fitness movement on the planet.”

CrossFit has already been adopted by U.S Military Special Operations Forces (which is where I learned about CF in 2005).

CrossFit has also attracted many police and fire departments, and a wide variety of professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletic programs.

This is not a specialized fitness program…

On the contrary, the CrossFit objective is to become proficient in a wide range of skills.



1. Cardiovascular / Respiratory Endurance

2. Stamina

3. Strength

4. Flexibility

5. Power

6. Speed

7. Coordination

8. Agility

9. Accuracy

10. Balance


In addition to the Ten General Physical Skills, CrossFit demands that athletes are prepared for all endeavors.

The purpose of CrossFit is to produce a human that is prepared for all physical challenges without specializing in one.

Think of a marathoner who dominates Cardiovascular/Respiratory endurance but lacks Strength/Power.

Or think of the meat-head powerlifter who can bench press a bus but can’t tie his shoes because he lacks Flexibility/Agility.

Lastly, think of the Bodybuilder who has big muscles but is deficient in coordination, balance and they too, lack flexibility.

On the other hand, experienced CrossFitters may not be the very strongest athletes out there, but they are strong.

They may not be the fastest either, but they are fast.

CrossFitters are looking to be prepared for the unknown while also taxing all three metabolic pathways.

Metabolic Conditioning (or “MetCon” for short) taxes athletes across all three pathways.

That explains why our CrossFit programs make your legs burn (phosphanegic then glycolitic) while you’re out of breath (oxidative).

 And it also explains why CrossFit-style workouts are always shorter than twenty minutes.

To do it longer is not only a waste of time but it also reverses the benefits.


One thing to always keep in mind is that no two CrosFit gyms or “boxes” are the same.

They are all independently owned and operated, so the quality of training varies wildly.

We at Corporal CrossFit are pioneers in the “Boutique-Style” CrossFit, in which we teach CrossFit classes in a Semi-Private setting of 8 people or less per class, instead of the customary 20,30 and even 40 people per class.

Never placing intensity before form, we have always been obsessed with “Form First” as not only a slogan but our philosophy.

Corporal CrossFit & Animus CrossFit have offer to high-quality CrossFit programs that are committed to class size caps.

*Exact price is dependent on Fitness Appraisal Results. To assess if you are ready for CrossFit, email me at or call me at 305-975-4689.



When we first opened Corporal CrossFit in 2010, I was hugely against Boot Camps based off of the experiences I have had in the past.

Prospective clients called and would ask if we offered a boot camp class.

What I saw mostly were people who were being ran to death in parks while doing push-ups in dog-shit.

As a former graduate of Marine Corps Boot Camp (Class of 2000), I thought it resembled the military’s version of fitness way too much.

Here is something most military personnel won’t tell you: physical training in the military will make you tougher more than it will make you fitter.

In other words, the military relies on random volume of training to have a training effect.

Not to mention, why would regular every day people train like Marines in the mud.

My ideal client wants to lose body-fat, while adding muscle-tone and wants to live a long and happy life.

My ideal client is not training to hunt terrorists overseas, so why are they being destroyed by crazy workouts!?

It just didn’t make sense to me.

Our Animus Boot Camp & Corporal Boot Camp is different.

Not only are we super-strict on form for safety but we modify the workouts based on your experience, fitness and other psycho-physiological factors.

I have taken the most effective demands of CrossFit and made it into what I call behind closed doors “CrossFit Light”.

Why do I call it “CrossFit Light”?

Because the Boot Camp Program just like CrossFit in that it is designed for 1) constant variance 2) functional movements and 3) performed at high-intensity.

The only difference is, we’ve removed the heavy technical lifts from Olympic Weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman.

And we kept the best and most foundational exercises deriving from Gymnastics and Sprint Training.

By keeping the best parts of CrossFit and removing the heavy lifting, we are able to reduce risk of injury while increasing class size.

Best of all, the workouts are just as intense and challenging as the CrossFit workouts.

Sure we include external loads as training tools for the Boot Camp Program but we always make sure they are light and of low-skill demand.

So you can always expect to see slammers, wall-balls, ropes and rings in the workout.

In essence, the Boot Camp Program delivers 7 of the 10 CrossFit General Skills (above).

1. Stamina

2. Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance

3. Coordination

4. Accuracy

5. Balance

6. Flexibility

7. Agility


Corporal Boot Camp & Animus Boot Camp offer to top-notch Boot Camp Training programs that are committed to class size caps.

A. Our Premium Boot Camp (Miami Lakes) has an 16 Athlete Max Per Class. (Price Range $100-$150*)

B. Our Basic Boot Camp (Miami Gardens) has an 24 Athlete Max Per Class. (Price Range $75-$100*)

*Exact price is dependent on Fitness Appraisal Results. To assess if you are ready for CrossFit, email me at or call me at 305-975-4689.



The truth is, while the Boot Camp program will be more than okay for most people for a very long time.

With a clean diet, the Boot Camp program will melt body-fat faster than anything you’ve tried before.

But people still ask me “what do I have to do to get into CrossFit?”

As most of you already know, I BELIEVE IN STANDARDS.

Standards are measurable, observable and repeatable which make for a safe training environment.

My biggest fear as a Coach is to hurt one of my Athletes.

My life’s mission is to infect everyone with health and fitness not injury and sickness.

Which is why I invented the Performance Matrix below to add even more attention to detail to this madness we call fitness.

Improvements in fitness can be vague and misleading unless you track everything with numbers.

We have a Performance Matrix Algorithm that calculates your fitness level based off of performance, age and sex.

In case you didn’t notice the Wristband Colors match Karate Belts.

The bigger your work capacity, the higher your level wristband.

In order to crossover from Boot Camp to CrossFit, I require my Boot Camp Athletes to have at least a Level 5 (Blue Band).

There are 24 exercises that must be tested and the passing score is 80%.

Many people are mentally prepared for CrossFit but their bodies haven’t built up the resiliancy to perform under high-stress of CrossFit.

These high standards are in place not only to track your progress more in detail but to also KEEP YOU SAFE.

I want not only your heart and soul to be ready for CrossFit but also your bones, ligaments and tendons.

To give you an example of a Level 5 Athlete: He or she can complete 35-40 squats in one minute, perform one pull up with a red-band, 35-40 push-ups in one minute and a 1-mile run in less than 10 minutes.

That is only 4 exercised out of the 24 you must pass but you can see, that you have to be a decent Athlete to get the most out of our CrossFit program.



As I always say, there is a difference between Training and Testing.

Testing is going balls-to-the-wall, all-out effort that tests your work capacity and skill level.

Training is going hard but focusing more on skill-development and increased efficiency in movement.

We like to train more than we like to test.

Think about it… if on your first day of college math you get hit with a test and every day thereafter, when will you ever learn the skills necessary to pass the test.

This is why as Coaches, we’d much rather you do the exercise correctly versus just doing it fast.

Good form not only keeps you safe but it teaches your body to move in the path of least resistance.

Meaning, it will increase your movement efficiency which will translate into higher fitness levels (look good naked).

If you’ll notice the workouts vary in intensity and volume.

Either we do high intensity, low volume.

Or we do low intensity, high volume.

Sometimes people think that we have to beat them down with a workout for 30-40 minutes in order to accomplish something.

That is a first-class ticket to overtraining and inviting injury.

Not to mention, when you constantly train at high-intensities, you release excess cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that basically turns you into a fat-storing machine INSTEAD of a FAT-BURNING MACHINE.

Of course, that is the opposite of your goal.

You are here to learn proper form, burn fat, build muscle, stay safe and have fun.

One you have proper form and have much experience in the Boot Camp WODs (Workout of the Day), then we will test you for CrossFit.

We will begin “baseline” testing in July 2013 to see what your strengths and weaknesses are.

If you have any questions, as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Be Strong,
Carlos Arias
Director of Training

BIO: Carlos Arias is a Strength Coach, Nutrition Expert, Best-Selling Author and has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates around the country speaking on nutrition and fitness topics. Carlos served six years with U.S. Marine Corps special forces and is a Combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Coach Carlos is currently a Senior completing his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Miami. With over 12 years in the fitness industry, Carlos has helped countless moms, dads, busy business owners, executives, pro-athletes, fitness enthusiasts (and non-enthusiasts), college students, police officers, fire fighters, SWAT officers, U.S. special forces, and even senior citizens get into the absolute best shape of their lives, in the least amount of time imaginable, and in the safest, most effective manner possible.

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